The French factor

Student follows artist dreams while painting a business

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Senior Autumn French has a unique talent. At only the age of 18, she has her own business selling her art and sharing it with those around her.

“It’s just mostly doing small jobs on the side and where I work, people see my stuff and I get to explain what I do,” commented French.

Her talent is easily seen on her social media in forms of bullet journals and small sketches. The pieces are unique and often colorful, drawing the attention of many around her as well as her over a thousand Instagram followers.

“One of my old bosses is opening up her new company and she remembered seeing my work and liked my style and she knew she wanted me to design and do the mural for her,” commented French about her newest project, a mural for a new coffee shop, Confident Coffee Roasters.

“Working and going to school is a very hard and time-consuming especially something art related because it takes so much time and dedication,” said French. She holds pride in her work and enjoys seeing how people enjoy it as well.

“Sometimes it’s something for a wedding or something customized. Different opportunities come at different times.” Since her work is commission based, it is not as sturdy as a normal job, but her passion for the work is a major drive.

“I want to make a career out of it and continue to work and sell my own products for people,” French concluded.

As a high school student, Autumn has started a journey towards the career of her dreams, something that many never do in their lifetime.