#Fayettevilledetestweek Brings the Heat

Kirsi Grafton, Reporter

Junior Kami Carpenter scrolls through her Twitter feed and she stops to click on a video. The hashtag #Fayettevilledetestweek appears at the start of the video followed by senior Jake Lance fumbling a football while wear a purple Fayetteville bulldog shirt making fun of Fayetteville’s football and student section.

“Fayetteville Detest week is basically just a hashtag I started to beef up the school rivalry and hopefully get people more excited for the game, so that our student section would be a lot bigger, which t worked and hopefully have some Fayetteville High School kids see it along the way.” said Lance.

The week before the Fayetteville game consisted of several videos posted on Lance’s Twitter consisting of Lance performing Jimmy Fallon inspired Thank You Notes   and making fun of their football plays. Lance states it was all in good spirits to poke at Fayetteville and encourage Har-Ber students to have a fun rivalry the week before the big rivalry game.

“Fayetteville Hate/Detest Week is Jake Lance making fun of Fayetteville in a light hearted manner. It was created to pump everyone up for the game and to get under Fayetteville’s skin,” Carpenter said.

The student body rallied around Lance during this week. Students, teachers, and Lance’s Twitter followers eagerly awaited new videos as the week went on.

“Everyone seemed to like them even if they thought they were dumb videos”, sophomore Mason Wood said.

Jake Lance was happily surprised with the views and subtle stardom he got from these videos.

“At first there weren’t many views when my first video but the next morning when I woke up I had two hundred plus Twitter notifications. Then I had newspapers and other news outlets asking me for permission to play the videos on their websites. It honestly got a lot bigger than I ever expected, I’ve got a lot of people wanting to make more including teachers and admin who are giving me video idea. Next time, it will definitely be better made and not just my brother recording me,” Lance says.

Even though the videos created a lot of hype for the game on Twitter, some people weren’t as avid supporters as others.

“ It kind of ended in us being embarrassed because we got our butts handed to us in the game,” said Carpenter.

 Jake Lance suffered from a mild ‘I-told-you-so’ from Fayetteville, but this isn’t the end of him and his detest for Fayetteville.

“Hey Fayetteville High School I’m not done and neither is our football team. #FayettevilleDetestWeek #CelebrateHarber.” said Lance.