Spirit animal shirts create new trend

Five dollars is all it takes to express your inner animal. The “spirit animal” shirts have taken over, and no one can seem to get enough of them. Wolves, eagles, even gangster cats have been seen revealing student’s, and teacher’s true identities.

Since the Walmart located off of Elm Springs road has opened, the spirit animal shirts have been more popular than ever. Though no one knows for sure why the certain trend has taken over, everyone can be certain that the shirts have made a definite statement.

But seriously, who wouldn’t take the opportunity to buy an awesome shirt that’s just under 10 dollars? While some are seen as majestic, and others are found as comedic, all of the shirts seem to do the job of elucidating distinct character traits.

People have to be bold to wear a shirt with the face of a wolf on it, it’s something that’s out of the ordinary, and that’s the reason why people are coming to such a strong liking of them.

These shirts aren’t just shirts, they’re pieces of clothing that are prominent, and audacious; shirts that allow people to take a stand for themselves. The more people that wear these shirts, the higher self esteem people seem to obtain.

So, head up to Wal-Mart, go to the men’s aisle and pick out a shirt that defines you. The possibilities and freedom these shirts promise are honestly endless.