Demi Lavato releases ‘Heart Attack”

The first time I heard this words in “Heart Attack” I knew that was going to be my new favorite song. Demi Lovato is back with a new single from her forthcoming album, “DEMI” (May 14th), which she describes as a celebration to life.

Since Demi’s past focuses on all of her life’s ups and downs (eating disorders, cutting issues), this song tells more than just a story; she is the winner at the end but also her voice transfers that joyfull feeling of memories about love. “Never put my love out on the line. Never said yes to the right guy” are just some of the lyrics I personally love the most, since I can relate to them.

I promised myself I wouldn’t get obsessed with this song, but surprisingly I found myself listening to it everywhere, even in class.

“Putting my defences up ‘cuz i don’t wanna fall in love if I ever did that I think I’ll have a heart attack” got stuck in my head. I learned the lyrics faster than even the vocabulary for my biology test.

The electropop song gets me going, and for that reasonI love “Heart Attack”.

“Heart attack” debuted at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, But I think this is only the beginning for such a great song.