5 Bromantic movies

Fellas, have you ever noticed that ladies get to have all the fun with their romantic movies? They get to sit there in their pajamas with a group of other girls and have a lovely evening building up their sisterhood. What about us, the men? We have needs!

Well, here is a list of five BROmantic movies that you and your closest bros can enjoy in the most heterosexual way possible.

5. “The Hangover”- the hilarious story of four friends’ crazy night in Las Vegas. It’s one of those movies that makes you want to recreate their adventures and have a wild night, just so you can have some crazy stories to tell.

4. The “Rocky” series- a story of redemption. With epic workout montages, and Sylvester Stallone’s incoherent speech, this movie is essential to every bromance.

3. “Fast and the Furious”- The most ridiculous, cheesy, and epic car racing movie to grace the big screen. With all the foxy ladies, terrible one-liners, and unrealistic circumstances that anyone could need, high-fives all around.

2. “Pineapple Express”- three misfit friends get in trouble with a local drug lord. Everyone quotes this movie, and everyone loves it.

1. James Bond movies- Every guy has things to learn from James Bond: look good, treat ladies nice, and beat the bad guys.