‘Les Misérables’ satiates audiences with emotionally charged script

The second film adaptation of the timeless story “Les Misérables” proved to be a remarkable cinematic experience, as it was aesthetically pleasing and emotionally candid. 

While downcast lighting, sorrowful ballads, and poverty stricken stock characters marked the film, the movie as an entirety oozed with positivity as it emphasized the overwhelming power of redemption, passion, and love in the purest form. That air of positivity also lends the film a universal appeal that seemed to transcend boundaries in regards to age and gender.

Along with the fabulous plot line, the film featured a dazzling cast well equipped to properly portray the emotionally charged script. 

Anne Hathaway’s real life physical deprivation to prepare for the role proved to pay off as she put forth a flawless performance as the self-sacrificing Fantine. Hugh Jackman also issued forth a performance that was robust yet gentle as Jean Valjean. The darling Helena Bonham Carter and boisterous Sacha Baron Cohen also provided excellent performances that served as comic relief as the unscrupulous Thénardiers. Also, Daniel Huttlestone deserves a nod for his fantastic embodiment of the rambunctious fervor of the revolutionaries through his role as Gevroche.

While the aforementioned roles were the most striking in my eyes, all actors fulfilled their tasks to the point of leaving little room for complaint. All performances were aided by the awe-inspiring realism of the costumes and dramatic score.  Overall the elements of the film combined in harmony in order to produce a feeling of satiety with viewers.