• Police officer fights girl in school December 2, 2015
  • Gun laws in America December 2, 2015
  • Advisory steals time December 2, 2015
  • Signs at Games December 2, 2015
  • Backing the Blue December 1, 2015

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A spin on local music: Big Fish sales soar

Peyton Wilson, Reporter

It’s easy to miss:  a small, inconspicuous store on Emma Street in Downtown Springdale.  It’s a little shop, only one room, filled to the brim with shelves and shelv...  Read More »

March 8, 2016

Perfect places for perfect dates

February 17, 2016

Dating isn’t cheap, especially for the average high school student. Fortunately, Northwest Arkansas is filled with local r...  Read More »

Winter Songs

February 17, 2016

It’s hard to have a stereotypical winter day without quality music that supports the season. The smooth undertones of a tune...  Read More »

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Recent Sports Scores

  • Monday, August 29

    Mens Golf

    Harber High School 168 - Rogers 162

  • Monday, August 29

    Women's Golf

    Harber High School 152 - Rogers 122

  • Friday, August 26

    Women's Golf

    Harber High School 307 - Mountain Home 286

  • Friday, August 26

    Mens Golf

    Harber High School 331 - Mountain Home 343

  • Tuesday, August 23


    Harber High School 362 - Bentonville West 403

  • Wednesday, August 17

    Mens Golf

    Harber High School 134 - Siloam Springs 143

  • Wednesday, August 17

    Women's Golf

    Harber High School 144 - Siloam Springs 137


Affection for Almost Maine

Hunter Cloud, Reporter

    The crowd was captivated right from the opening scene as the play explored the complexity of love.     The play takes place in a small (almost) town in Maine ...  Read More »

December 1, 2015

Made in the A.M.

Ashton Moreland, Copy Editor

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past five years, ask any stranger on the street who One Direction is and they will be able to tell you. This information may ...  Read More »

December 1, 2015

Bieber is back with a “Purpose”

December 1, 2015

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  • Students construct lifelong skills

    Four hours of walking slowly, holding a precision made piece of wood, guiding the wood down the edge banding machine. A methodical process that requir...

  • Deer blinds

    Four walls, one roof, and hours of work later, thirteen students have positively affected the lives of many veterans. Having a passion for something t...

  • Student swims with the sharks

    Several hundred miles from the ocean, junior Brynn Braswell hears the apex predator of the sea calling her name. Sharks are at the top of the food cha...

  • Where are they now? Elizabeth Ellenbarger

    Part of the graduating class of 2011, Elizabeth Ellenbarger exemplified the meaning of an involved and successful student during her time in school. A...

  • The Hong Factor

    Thirty eight thousand feet up in the air, Josh and Sang Hong stare out a tiny plane window with only clouds, the endless sky, and a glimpse of new opp...

  • Where are they now? Alexandra Irvin

    Currently working on her Doctorate of Nursing practice through the U of A’s online program and working as a registered nurse in one of Baylor Scott ...

  • Isaac Baker

    Junior Isaac Baker stands next to his fellow members of Lighthouse, taking a step back after having beat boxed throughout the impressive cover of Pent...

  • Down with social media

    With new technology, virtually anything can be easily accessed through a phone, computer, or tablet. The world can literally be in the palm of your ha...

  • The Contestant Game

    Constant running, no pads, only mouthguards. You can kick the ball at any time and you can't throw the ball forward, all while trying to score a try (...

  • Hunting

    The sky is pitch black and the air is cool. The only thing in sight are two beams of light illuminating from the four-wheel truck. It is two hours pas...

  • Cheer and dance competition

    Whether it is on blue mat or a hardwood floor, the gym building fills with stress from the team, coach, parents and fans awaiting the outcome of their...

  • Tennis state competition

    The eight new glistening tennis courts on site, lit up for all to see, have been a gateway for opportunities for the tennis team. These courts have be...

  • Technology in football

    On the sidelines, players huddle around a screen after making a play with their coaches while the game is still going on around them. In football, tec...

  • Passion for volleyball

    Coach Shyrah Schisler stands on the court and jolts her body, as if she were in the game. She is alongside the team, on her feet at all times, leading...

  • Life after football

    Soon the once-packed football stadium will sit in solitude; chairs which were filled with seas of blue and white will remain empty, and the cheers for...

  • Working with what you have

    When a certain team is good at what they do, others look to them for example. They look to them for direction because whatever they are doing works. I...

  • College Recruiting

    Gathered in front of your student body, family, and friends to sign a letter of intent to continue an athletic career is a dream for most. According t...

  • Pre Game Meal

    In the world of sports there is so much that goes into the training process and even more into the winning process. We as fans and viewers get to see ...

  • Malik Monk


  • Wrestling team starts season off strong

    The Wildcat Varsity wrestling team competed in their first dual Dec. 3 at Fayetteville High School to kick off the season. They had two big wins, beat...

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