Silver Stars captain encourages team prior to state competition

The end of the Silver Stars dance team’s season is approaching. This weekend they will be attending state, in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The team has had a very successful season, placing at all competitions with hopes to continue this at the biggest competition of the year. After months of preparation, they feel ready to take the stage Nov. 13 at Lake Hamilton. 

As captain, senior Reese Bell, has helped in preparing the team for state.

“We have been practicing every day for the past couple of months making sure we’re ready.” Bell said. “ As captain, I always send encouraging texts to everyone, and I send lots of videos for people to watch and compare.” 

She believes that in order to achieve their goal to place top two, they need to continue to encourage each other. 

New dancers who will be competing at state for the first time, including sophomore Zoe Grace Capps. Capps says she is taking all the steps to perform at state by helping her prepare mentally and physically.

“I run through the counts in the music and I have been stretching multiple times a day,” she said. 

Capps says it’s important to mentally prepare yourself when competing at this big of a competition.

“I am super excited about competing, but I am also extremely nervous,” she said.

After a knee injury in the beginning of October, Capps was afraid she wouldn’t be prepared enough to compete. However, after a month of doctors appointments and exercises, her knee is no longer an issue for the rest of this season. 

Senior Lieutenant, Ashley Cook, has also had a big part in preparing the team for state. 

“My job is to help communicate with the girls, and to help make sure they are confident about everything,” Cook said. 

Cook says the overall goal for this year is to walk away with a tombstone.

“Right now our main goal is to get top two because Silver Stars have never placed first or second,” she said.