Boys, girls relay team break school records

Both boys and girls teams broke school records during the track season. The boys broke the previous record by 48.39 seconds making the new record 18:14.49 in the 4×1600 relay race. The girls broke the previous record by 1.37 seconds making the new record 1:46.37 in the 4×200 relay race. 

The boys team consists of seniors, Rueben Reina, Anthonie Alvarez, Luke Bledsoe and Jonathan Cordero. 

“It was a hard race for sure,” Cordero said. “We were trying to go for like a 17:40 around there.” 

The team was disappointed they did not get their goal time, but were happy to break the record. 

“Once they told us we broke the record we were just so happy,” Cordero said. “We all ran our best.” 

According to Bledsoe, the team was not in their best state of mind for the race that week. 

“It was a hard week, we were not ready, I wouldn’t say motivated, but not ready to race that week,” Bledsoe said. “Basically I was feeling like the worst I ever had and I feel like everyone else was having a hard week.” 

Due to the tough week before the race, breaking the school record surprised Bledsoe. 

“It was very astonishing,” Bledsoe said. “I was very impressed and I’m very proud of everyone.”

The girls team consists of juniors, Jordan Benford, Kinleigh Hall, Sarah Mobley and sophomore Laci Gartside.

“We were just running and we were just hoping to win because it was a very tight competition,” Benford said.

Benford believes their competitiveness and their mindsets helped them win the race while breaking the school record. 

“That day when I started the race I was feeling super,” Gartside said. “I was flying down the track.” 

According to Gartside, they had no idea they broke a record until after the race coach Wayne Hall told the team. They were filled with excitement. 

“The excitement we were feeling was amazing,” Gartside said. “I felt very accomplished and I was feeling super proud of the team as a whole.”