Track team pushes through missed meets

The snowstorm and rainy weather caused the track team to miss their first two meets. After two cancellations, the track team finally had their first meet on Mar. 11 at Springdale High School. Track Coach Wayne Hall is optimistic about this year’s season.

“I felt really good about what I saw,” Hall said. “There’s a couple [of] athletes that kind of shocked us. It gives us an idea on how to start strategizing before conference. I really like where we are going.” 

Due to COVID-19 regulations, the 40 off-season student-athletes could not lift weights in the fitness center because it was too crowded. This is one of the challenges the team had to overcome. 

“Last fall we would normally train in the fitness center but due to COVID and amount of capacity, we couldn’t use that facility with the amount of off-season kids that we had,” Hall said. “We went to the track earlier this year. It was a good thing because some of our kids needed that extra training on the track.”

Senior Neida Rojo has been a part of track since her freshman year.

“[Track] means having fun and doing what I enjoy,” Rojo said. “I really enjoy bonding with all the girls and growing closer.”

According to Rojo, she practices for almost two hours on weekdays. As a team, they typically practice on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Their meets are on Thursdays. Having consistent practice days was another challenge the team overcame. 

“Our program would fluctuate as far as when we were lifting,” Hall said. “Now, we actually have a structure on how we lift in the off-season and during the season.”

According to Hall, the hardworking team is a result of several coaches coming together to help students. 

“It’s no one-man show down at the track,” Hall said. “It takes a magnitude of quality coaches to help each kid be successful in their individual sport. We got about four coaches right now, if we get six or seven, everybody better watch out.”

Senior Ruben Reina wants to set new records this season.

“I am looking forward to setting new personal records and school records and just winning individual state championships,” Reina said.

Hall encouraged his students to do their best and to not get discouraged throughout the season.

“I always tell them, it’s not where start, it’s where you finish,” Hall said.