Students compete with one another through fantasy football

   Every Sunday, senior Luke Jewell gathers with a few of the boys from his fantasy football league to watch their players. There are eight boys in the league but not everyone shows up each week, usually four to five. 

“We’ve had an ongoing just like competition every year and it just makes us watch football with the boys,” Jewell said.

There are eight boys in the league. They pick using a snake draft. Which is where the order is opposite each round. 

“My first player’s Chirstian McCaffrey,” Jewell said, “cause he’s a god.” 

Chirstian Mccaffrey got hurt in the first game of the season which has affected Jewell’s score this season. He can not earn points from him. 

At the end of the season the two players with the highest score are put in a two-on-two tournament. The two go on to the finals to win. Each player pays 20 dollars to be in the league, winner takes all. 

“I just really love watching football with the boys on Sundays,” Jewell said. “It’s just a tradition, I guess.” 

Senior Hudson Smith is not doing as well as he hoped this season.  

“I drafted Saquon Barkley but he got hurt,” Smith said. “I have Patrick Mahomes, he’s like the only good guy on my team. My deference gave me negative points.” 

Some sophomores are also involved in a different league from the eight senior boys. Although they do not watch games together. 

“It’s just fun for me and my friends to do,” sophomore Nate Kingsbury said, “just something to help me watch more football, so I can watch football really and care more about every game.” 

Kingsbury started the league for him and nine of his friends to do together. He went to the ESPN fantasy football app to create the league. 

“Kyler Murray is my best pick so far,” Kingsbury said, “because he’s scored the most points out of everyone.”

 Kingsbury asked sophomore Jeff Zachry to join the league with no bets made.

“It’s just for bragging rights, honestly,” Zachry said. “We don’t put anything on it.”

Some of Zachry’s picks are Derrick Henry and Patrick Mahomes since both were good players last year. 

“Then after that, I kind of just tried to pick the best player at each position left,” Zachry said. 

The boys go one through ten to pick their players and the guy who picked last each round goes first the next time. 

Kingsbury is second in his league while Zachry is in first place. Although Kingsbury believes he can win the league. 

“I feel like his players are flicking,” Kingsbury said, “that’d be bad later.”

While Zachry thinks his team will win the league. 

“I think my team will win the league,” Zachry said.