Losing streak brings momentum to football

With the football season underway there is still lots of hope and courage in this team. The team currently has a 2-4 overall record and a 1-1 in record conference. After coming off two wins, the momentum could be changing into a winning pattern for this team.

It had a lot of good energy that we needed, ” senior center/guard Peyton Henderson said. “That momentum will carry on the rest of the season. We have a bunch of young guys on our team and it will certainly help us in the weight room, practice field, and game days.”

With four straight losses at the start of the season, this club still seems to be different when looking face to face at adversity.

“I think we will have a great rest of the season as a team,” sophomore defensive end Lattimer Wilmoth said. “Our goal is to be a hard-working and very physical football team and as the weeks go on we get better at what we do.”

There is a positive and competitive outlook ahead of them for the rest of the season.

“I think we’re going to destroy anyone in our path,” Henderson said. “We were in pain because of all the losses and were tired of it. This group is going to give one heck of a fight.”

Every year there seems to be a theme to the football team. Last year’s theme was “all in”. They put a poker chip into a bucket saying “all in”. “All in” referred to the team, the game, and energy. Although there is no theme this year, being part of a brotherhood acts as their theme this year and every year.

“Every year has seen it as a band of brothers,” Henderson said. “I trust and love these guys and I wouldn’t rather be anyone else and the coaches love them too. It’s amazing.”

COVID-19 can have an impact on school and sports. Due to COVID-19, the team is very grateful to have a chance to play this season and then compete at an opportunity in the playoffs later on in the year. 

“COVID-19 has made traveling a lot harder to do, some weeks teams get shut down so we have to find a team to play that week to replace the team that shut down,” Wilmoth said.

Not knowing who they’ll play every single week seems to not faze the team and are proud to have to opportunity to compete. 

“I’m glad we can overcome it and still play some ball,” Henderson said. “Overall as long as we keep winning and get the number 2 seed and go to the playoffs I think our season is going to be great.”