Student section lacks energy

The student section at football games has a running history of having game themes created by the students and Blue Crew. This year’s student section could have a different feel due to COVID-19.

The school spirit at Har-Ber isn’t as prevalent as it is among other high schools and I wanted to change that,” senior student council leader Luke Rucker said.

This is why Rucker wanted to join Blue Crew in the first place. His goal was to be a part of the student section and Blue Crew this year. Blue Crew are students that attend games and try to increase the school spirit.

“I applaud Luke Rucker, who has been an active Blue Crew member since his sophomore year, on his desire and determination to attempt to still have some sort of active student section this year, but it’s really just not possible,” Blue Crew president Laurie Jennings said.

“Blue Crew is designed to be a small group of students that attend the majority of all volleyball, football, and basketball games and help lead the student section in organized cheers/chants and help increase spirit throughout the game,” Jennings said.

When asked about how COVID-19 has affected the student section this year the responses were similar.

“Honestly, it’s been devastating,” Jennings said. “It’s too hard to know who is even going (depends on if they get tickets soon enough). There’s just really no hype around any of the activities which is so sad for all students involved and obviously cannot be helped.”

Rucker mentioned how COVID-19 has affected student sections.

“This year has taken a toll on people’s school spirit,” Rucker said.

School spirit has not high in energy in the past or present. Being optimistic for the future 2020-2021 sport seasons and years to come is all you can ask for when talking about the student section and sports.

“As an eternal optimist at heart, I hate what Covid has done to this senior class and it makes me really sad to think of all they are missing out on,” Jennings said. “I am glad that our student-athletes have been able to play though! So there’s something positive.”