Construction of new wrestling facility brings hope to wrestling team

Over Christmas break construction crews won’t be at home cuddled up by a cozy fine, they will be busy breaking ground for a brand new wrestling facility that will benefit the 57 plus wrestlers present at Har-Ber.

“It would help us stay warm because being in the cafeteria with the doors opening up, like on Monday when it dropped down to 20 degress and they were opening so all that cold air just came in. And while we’re in there sweating that’s not good,” head wrestling coach Nika West said.

With the addition of this brand new facility it will bring more convenience to the life of the wrestlers, but response from the wrestlers themselves have not been over joyous.

“It’s going to be tiring for use because it’s going to be hot, everybody’s going to be working harder,” wrestler Ronel Eation said.

Although the athletes themselves do not seem too excited, parents love the idea of this new addition to the school.

“During our time in youth wrestling, we had to cancel many practices because of evening events that were taking place in the cafeteria which impacted our ability at times to prepare for upcoming tournaments,” mother Heather Parrish said. “We ended up looking for another space to practice because of that reason.”

There is not an extreme difference in wrestling opportunities now, but a specialized facility will always be more beneficial than just practicing in the cafeteria.

“We used another facility before settling into using the wrestling room at SHS. So having a dedicated facility would mean practices can happen no matter what else is on the schedule and that means better prepared wrestlers,” Parrish said.