Six makes a set

Hearing of Tom Brady and his constant victories has become tiresome in modern media.

What would the Superbowl be without Tom Brady? Brady has already racked up 5 Superbowl rings in previous years, making this year’s his 6th. Undoubtedly, Brady has done what no other quarterback, let alone player, has done in NFL history. Although no one can argue the stats and the fact that Brady really is the “goat”, greatest of all time, it is tiring seeing the same man take the same team to the Bowl what feels like every year.

No one can undeniably give Brady no credit with a clear conscience, he’s proven that he’s the best to do it. I can, however, grow tired of hearing the same stories over and over and over. I grow tired of scrolling down my ESPN and “” subscriptions during football season and seeing Brady and the Patriots all over my feed. But, The New England Patriots have reserved that right. Today one may say that they have become the Golden State Warriors of the NFL, on the contrary, they were, before you could even compare the two.

Chicago Bulls 1995-1996, 30th season in the NBA, is the better comparison. The team in the offseason had acquired Dennis Rodman from the San Antonio Spurs, and a free agent Randy Brown. During the middle of the season, they gained John Salley from the Toronto Raptors. But, the big names were the dynamic duo of none other than, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. “MJ”, a 6-6 shooting guard from the University of North Carolina, and “Pippen” a 6-8 small forward from the University of Central Arkansas, were the showboat for the Chicago Bulls. The Bulls were the face of the NBA.

Much like the dynamic duo of the ‘95-’96 season of the Chicago Bulls, the duo of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are a close reflection. Although Belichick isn’t a player for the Patriots, he’s the man behind the well oiled, ring chasing machine. The two have had 9 super bowl appearances in their years together. The closest second to the QB and Coach duo is Terry Bradshaw and Chuck Noll with 4 appearances with the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Either way you roll the dice, Brady is well deserved of the praise he gets, but it doesn’t mean my eyes don’t roll to the back of my head when an ESPN update flashes with his name on it. However, it’s the most respectful eye roll I can manage, great talent deserves it.