Self defense skills transfer to on court action

The Lady Wildcats take a self defense course to build team

On Friday October, 12 after the girls basketball practice, the team took a self defense class. The class was taught by Chad Bishop and his son is Cole Bishop, a senior. Mr. Bishop, a veteran, teaches self-defense at a local fitness center. The class was after practice and about 45 minutes long.

“We have been doing ‘Feel Good Friday’ activities all year, so I invited Mr. Bishop in to teach us that day,” said the girls basketball coach Kimberly Jennings.

“The purpose was to give the girls some techniques on how to protect themselves as well as make them thoughtful about the situations they put themselves in,” said Coach Jennings. The class was also designed to teach the girls how to be aware of their surroundings.

“We learned how to use our elbows, knees and punch,” said sophomore basketball player Addison Stubbs. This will come in use if ever attacked.

“I learn how to defend myself in a dangerous situation, and I became more confident in unknown public spaces.” said sophomore basketball player Makayla Ali-Thompson. She can now feels safer in unfamiliar places and can now protect herself.

“I hope myself nor my players will ever be in a situation to have to protect ourselves from an attacker,” Coach Jennings said. “My wish is for them to be prepared if needed, not feel completely vulnerable, and always know not to give up in these situations.”

“It was very helpful,” said Stubbs. She believes this class was a practical thing to be learned and that it may assist her in the future.

“I believe any time spent as a team can bring you closer because you see more of who each team member is through different activities,” Coach Jennings said. “This particular activity showed us who could ‘punch’, ‘kick’, who was serious and goofy, and how much fun little activities can be when everyone is connected.  It revealed some different sides to our personalities, so hopefully everyone had fun and learned something.”