Wildcat boys basketball comes out on top against rivals

Har-ber’s boys varsity basketball team defeats Springdale


Halle Roberts, Editor

On February 7th, the Har-Ber Wildcat basketball teams faced off in games against same town rivals, the Springdale Bulldogs. Going into the boys varsity game the crowd was packed and the atmosphere was full of energy. In previous sports games between the rivalry this year, Springdale has created the slogan, “Springdale will always be Har-Ber’s daddy,” pointing at the fact that Springdale has been around longer. Due to this, the fire of the high school rivalry burned bigger than before. Despite this, the boys weren’t worried too much about it.

“We got the best student section in the 7A,” said Senior guard Hunter Wright, “that’s what adds more fun to the games.”

Early in the game the Bulldogs, held the lead, usually just about by 2 or 3 points. With the Bulldogs in the lead the tension rose. Naturally, Har-ber’s student section was already amped, but with any chance that the Bulldogs could pull out a win, the students went crazy with every play. As halftime approached, the boys were only down by 2. With the atmosphere through the roof, the boys came out after a quick meeting to take the 2nd half by storm.

“What was going through my head?” said sophomore guard Austin Garrett, “I don’t wanna lose, it’s time to fight through this and win.”

After being down for most of the game, the boys continued to drive. Senior Josh Ezell had several dunks and rebounds, causing the crowd to go wild. Junior Tylor Perry was a big leader in the game as well, but especially came in clutch driving the ball down the court with only 10 seconds left to make a game saving two pointer. After getting fouled, Perry followed through and made his free throw. With only four seconds left and Springdale with the ball, Perry caught a pass meant for another Bulldog player and fought his way for a two and another foul. After this the atmosphere completely shifted as the Wildcats, once again, came out on top. Once up by at least 2 points all game, the rowdy Bulldogs had silenced. The roar of the crowd and the rumble of the bleachers were ground shaking. A rivalry that has been around since 2007,  thrives on. With another win against Springdale under the belt of Har-Ber athletics, the rivalry strengthens. The chant from Har-Ber’s students “who’s your daddy?” echoed in the gym as Springdale’s slogan fell to shambles. The energy in the Wildcat arena was extraordinary as fans stormed the court to join the boys. The alma mater rang throughout the gym as the Bulldogs walked away with their tail tucked between their legs. Until the next matchup, Springdale.