Soccer season reflects team bond


Riley Neil, Features editor

On March 11th, junior Kailey Fender takes off down the soccer field to stop a Russelville player from scoring. She pushes through exhaustion of having to play three different games throughout the weekend tournament in Little Rock. Pushing through pays off, as Har-Ber ended up winning the tournament. This was what kicked of good stretch for the team who finds itself in 4th place in conference.

A lot of this success comes from the dynamic of the team. As many of the players find that their favorite part about playing soccer are the other girls on the team.

“I have to say that my favorite part of Har-Ber Soccer is bonding with my teammates, doing what we love to do. We have different personalities on the team, so it’s so fun when everyone is together,” said senior Vanessa Reynoso.

With the team being made up of many different personalities, it brings together girls that may not hang out otherwise. This allows everyone to meet new people, create tight bonds, and bring something different to the team.

“Our team dynamic as of now is very good. Everyone is encouraging and pushing each other to be better, and we are getting better, We have confidence in our team and play our sport as a team instead of as individuals,” said Wyler.

The team also teaches the players different life skills that are used both on and off the field. It promotes hard work, drive, and teamwork that the girls can apply to every aspect of their lives.

“It has taught me that if I want something bad enough, all I have to do is put in the work and have confidence in myself,” Wyler said.

There are also challenges that come with playing soccer, even when winning, but these challenges are also what makes LaMendola love the sport. The physical aspect that makes one give it all they have is why LaMendola has loved the sport since she was young.

“It is a really long game, and so it is hard staying focused the whole time. You really have to push until the very end because it isn’t a high scoring sport, so with every score you make, it is a big deal,” junior Megan LaMendola said.