Silver Stars at local wedding showcase

Maggie Cebuhar, Reporter

Going from dancing on the vast Her-Ber football field or basketball court, Senior Courtney Pleggenkuhle nervously practiced her turns in preparation to perform on the model runway. The few selected senior Silver Stars worked the runway during their performance at the opening of the modern wedding event this past weekend.

“During our dress rehearsal, we really had to get used to turning and moving on an area that was so thin and narrow, but the experience was really fun,” Pleggenkuhle said.

21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville hosted the Ultimate Wedding NWA event on Saturday, January 28. The event showcased top local vendors to make the best wedding possible with various decor, cakes, planners, and photographers. The dancers performed to start off the event to entertain the guests. The environment is meant to be artistic, as it is a museum, and the dance fit the theme.

“Madeline did a fantastic job with the choreography, and the girls pulled off a fierce performance on the runway,” coach Lindsay Smith said.

The dancers had the opportunity they all cherished thanks to Madeline Van Hoose, a former Silver Star, who has been working with dance coach, Lindsay Smith, over the past year. Smith is currently planning her own wedding, and her wedding planner planned the Ultimate Wedding NWA and has a daughter in Van Hoose’s dance class at Rhythm and Shoes. Van Hoose was asked to choreograph an opening, and asked her sister, senior Linden VanHoose as well as three other seniors to perform: Pleggenkuhle, Micah Wittschen, and Elise Lindsay.

“We performed a contemporary style dance to Rule the World by Lorde and it was very dark and edgey,” senior Wittschen said.

The dance that opened the entire event matched the modern tone of the rest of the night. The Ultimate Wedding NWA event showcased top local vendors to make the best wedding possible with various decor, cakes, planners, and photographers. Also, Linden VanHoose mentioned the videographers, caricature artist, and break dancing present added to the event.

“We got to play around on the runway while we were all waiting and got to meet some really cool people,” VanHoose said.

The people the dancers got to meet were vendors set up after the runway show. They attracted modern planning of weddings. Pleggenkuhle even mentioned participating in the event was beneficial for her future, let alone a fun, different experience all around.

“The decorations were all so nice and we felt pretty high class the whole time,” Pleggenkuhle said.