Silver Stars good luck fruit

Emma Kate Bockelman, Reporter

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Senior Elise Lindsey and the Silver Stars are nervously waiting behind the gym doors. Before they walk out on the court, they each kiss the mini watermelon for good luck. A little bit of the nerves are relieved with the kiss of the watermelon.

“We always did really good at competitions with the fruit at my studio dance, so I was like hey maybe it might work for school dance too. The fruit gives us more confidence,” Lindsey said.

This tradition started out last year with a pineapple. Lindsey brought the idea over from her studio dance. They had a fruit as a good luck charm, and their dance season went very well, so she thought she could bring the good luck over to the Silver Stars. They chose the pineapple originally because they thought it was a sign for good luck, but have switched the good luck fruit to a watermelon this year.

“We started out using a pineapple, but the season didn’t go the way we hoped, so we switched it to a watermelon this year, just to switch it up,” junior Caroline Rhodes said.

The dancers get quite a bit questions and confused looks about the watermelon. They still love it regardless. They are the only ones who have a fruit as a good luck charm. There are other teams with different good luck charms, but the Silver Stars are the only ones with a fruit.

“It is certainly unique, I’m pretty sure no other team has a fruit as a good luck charm. It is definitely a conversation starter,” Sophomore Elle Verucchi said.

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Silver Stars good luck fruit