Mini Masters

Kirsi Grafton, Reporter


Four year Har-ber golf team member, Sam Morkovitch, sits down at Zaxby’s and enjoys her $8 salad after a grueling 18 hole golf match. She thinks back over the past years of bagged lunches and bring-your-own-dinners at the end of long, hot golf matches.

After a long season of birdie putts, long drives, and chipping on to the green, to finish out a strong season, the Har-Ber high golf team is taking on a different form of fundraising in hopes of making a profit and promoting the team, as well as a creating a tradition at Har-Ber for years to come. The first annual golf team mini masters 18 hole mini golf tournament is set to tee off September 30 at Locomotion in Springdale.

The mini masters is a Har-Ber golf team fundraiser that focuses on a person’s mini golf game, and gives them a chance to strut their putt,” Morkovitch said.

Any company,corporate team, or students are welcome to participate and with the prize of free Chick-Fil-A each week until Christmas, everyone is trying to channel their inner Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson.

”Many student teams are participating in this event and have been preparing in numerous ways. I’ve been playing putt putt at the golf course in Rogers,” junior Zach Lewandowski said.

Not only are the participants preparing, the members of the team are preparing, but in a different way.

“The golf team members have been selling hole sponsorships to businesses and getting students, as well as corporate teams, to join the tournament,”  Morkovitch said. Each Har-Ber team member is encouraged to sell two corporate hole sponsors of $50 or more as well as at least one corporate team of four members as well as a student team of four members.

Team members and participants alike are eager to hit the greens, but both share a common concerns.

My only concern is there won’t be enough participants,” Morkovitch said. The participations also have some doubts about the new event.

Some people might be out town because it’s an inservice day, and it’s not really known by most of the students.” Lewandowski said.

Despite the concerns, the mini masters is set to take place in a few weeks.

“I think the mini masters will be a huge success,” Morkovitch said.