Umbrella Academy: a review

The Umbrella Academy, based on Gerard Way’s graphic novel, is a unique take on what it means to be a superhero.

As a fan of the original comic, I quickly became excited when the show was released. Within two days I had finished the 10 episode season. Although the film adaptation varies from the original version, I was anything but disappointed.

The story follows seven people born unexpectedly on the same day with incredible gifts. Although they begin as heroes, the pain and trials of life quickly pull the team apart. The story follows as the family comes back together for the biggest challenge imaginable, the end of the world.

This show is anything but normal. Its characters are broken and relatable, unlike the perfect plastic heroes seen in the Avengers or in Justice League. Due to these unique characters, the show becomes more adult in its themes, making it an interesting physiological adventure just as it does with dramatic firefights.

Umbrella Academy blew me away. The show takes the opportunity to take what the idea is of superheroes and morph it into something completely different and enchanting. This story challenges ideas of family dynamics, the image of heroes, and those forgotten by time. With creative lighting and set designs, the story is told with a creative view in each shot.

This demands to be beinged and talked about. Watch with friends for maximum enjoyment.