Hockey Dad

The alternative group drops a new album perfect for a breezy day

Hockey Dad is an alternative band based out of Windang, Australia. The group is made of only two members, Zach Stephenson, lead singer and guitarist, and Billy Fleming, drummer. The band’s latest album release was the album titled “Blend Inn”. The band is a good mix of pop and alternative rock sounds, much like the alternative band Ocean Alley . My personal favorite songs are: “Disappoint Me” and “Danny” are my favorite tracks from Blend Inn. “Disappoint Me” is an upbeat track with guitar and drum riffs.

Overall the song makes me feel like rolling the windows down of my jeep and getting lost with friends in the heart of summer. “Danny” is a slower, more contemporary song and is great to lay in a hammock and fall asleep to amongst the sounds of a summer day.

“Laura” and “I Need a Woman” are my favorite from the Boronia album. “Laura” has a tropical upbeat tempo to it, the kind that makes you want to grab your friends and run to the beach. Its upbeat tempo creates a happy, youthful tone. “I Need A Woman” is more contemporary but still upbeat, as the song starts with a steady guitar riff and calls listeners to roll the windows down and reminisce.

Hockey Dad isn’t a well-known band. Based out of Australia, their music hasn’t made a big impact on the United States quite yet. The band is on Apple Music and can be found under the “alternative” genre but is mostly listed under Indie rock and surf music.

Their most popular song on Apple Music is “Laura.” In the song Laura, Zach sings about a girl that he has fallen in love with, but she puts him in the friend zone and makes him feel like a fool. The song leads with a heavy bass guitar and drums. The song sounds like something made straight out of a summertime teen surf movie like Blue Crush.

Overall, Hockey Dad is a great alternative band and an upbeat, let-the-good-times-roll listen.