Blue Madonna Album- BØRNS

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Nearly two and a half years after the release of the widely celebrated album “Dopamine”, BØRNS is back with another triumph. His new album titled “Blue Madonna” falls nothing short of an indie gem. The album holds its own against Dopamine while remaining to keep it’s divergent nature. Blue Madonna takes a step away from the pop ballads of Dopamine and instead exhibits a more electric alternative vibe.

The title track-along with majority of the 12 songs-generates a reminiscent fondness for summer nights and young love with relaxed beats, layered vocals, and rejuvenating electric guitar. It can be argued that the true centerpiece of the album is, in fact, the first track, “God Save Our Young Blood”, featuring the modern queen of tragic romance and melancholia: Lana Del Rey.

The song slowly builds up to the memorable chorus with a masterful combination of vocals and a subdued drum beat. To conclude the album, the last track, “Bye-bye Darling”, is unlike any other track on the album. It features a wistful piano ballad and a dream like aura. The song seems to serve as a final goodbye to the memories of a summer love that preoccupied the previous tracks. Blue Madonna is unlike any other current albums and is worthy of many praises. BØRNS has created another collection of wonderful songs to be treasured for years.

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