Senior learns valuable lesson despite unpredictable circumstances

As I walk through the hallways during my last week of school, I catch myself reflecting over the past three years. The pep rallies, sporting events, clubs, and school dances have all brought me so many memories. Sophomore year was one of the most memorable years in my life, and I will forever cherish those memories. Sophomore year set the standard for the rest of my high school career and sadly, due to COVID-19, that standard was not met. 

I envisioned so many things for my senior year. I envisioned getting ready for prom and graduation with my best friends. I envisioned shouting out the alma mater alongside my peers. Suddenly, all of the things that I thought would make senior year so special were non-existent. I have always imagined my senior year as being something so magical and full of fun. Instead, I was met with so much uncertainty on how the year was going to go. 

If there’s one thing I definitely learned this year, I learned that the bonds and memories you create with people are ultimately what matters most. I know that this year was unexpected, and I wish I would’ve been able to be a part of all of the senior activities, but at the end of the day, I’m glad I was still able to create some memories. The entire class of 2021 has received no normalcy throughout the year, yet we all managed to pull through and make the best out of the situation. The past three years have been a roller coaster, to say the least. I am forever grateful for all the experiences that Har-Ber has given me and I’m excited for this next stage in life.