“Stop Asian Hate” movement joins BLM in fight for racial equality

China-virus. Kung Flu. These are the very racist and inaccurate terms used by U.S citizens today. Our former president, Donald J. Trump used these terms multiple times during the beginning of the 2020 pandemic, including his Mar. 16 interview on Fox News. 

Asian hate wasn’t the most trending topic back in early 2020, but recently the amount of hate crimes towards Asian people has grown. This continues to be a problem across the nation. 

According to ThePRINT, more than 3,800 hateful incidents against Asians, mostly women, have been committed throughout the US between Mar. 2020 and Feb. 28, 2021. This source of information was announced by AAPI Hate. 

On Mar. 30, 2021, at 11:40 a.m. a 65-year-old Asian woman was walking to church when a random man appeared in front of her and started to assault her. The New York Post reported that the suspect punched her and kicked her, then later yelled at her, “F*** you, you don’t belong here.” The victim was taken to the NYU Langone Hospital with a fractured pelvis and is reportedly in a stable condition. This is one of the very multiple cases on Asian hate that have been reported. 

This has to come to an end, every race, gender, and sexuality matters. To Stop Asian hate, we need to come together, not beat each other, kill each other, or anything violent. There were times where everybody could come together, we are a backwards growing generation. 

This is why I think the way I do: violence shouldn’t be condoned because of someone’s race. We actually shouldn’t condone violence at all. Just because you have an opinion on someone doesn’t mean you should act on it and abuse, kill, lynch, or anything violent. If everyone acted off what they thought in their head about someone, the whole world would be even more chaotic than it is now. Stop ending lives because of your personal opinion. 

Now people share their opinion all the time, but why end peoples’ lives. Is it because you hate them? Is it because you think they’re better than you or they don’t amount to your standards? The people that are committing these crimes are doing this for some reason. Could it be that they just despise Asians, or could it be that they believe they shouldn’t be here. Asian or Hispanic/Mexican people, both come to the U.S. to escape the harsh reality of their home. So why would you give them any more trouble than they already had? We all have our differences, but just because we don’t mean we should end lives because. If you think Asians are threatening your lifestyle,why? Is it because you believe that they carried the “Kung Flu” or the “China Virus” to the U.S. Which in reality, many Asians try their hardest to prevent others and themselves from getting the virus. These insulting assumptions and statements you make in your head to give you a reason to kill innocent Asians is getting out of hand. This all needs to come to an end.

These crimes against Asians are unintelligent and ignorant. All this killing for what? What point are you trying to prove killing or abusing an innocent Asian person? There’s so many alternatives. There’s multiple and, I mean multiple, people in this world who don’t like each other, but yet you don’t see them committing crimes against that person, group, or whoever they have a problem with. 

With all that being said, this topic, subject, or whatever you want to call it needs to stop. All this killing, hurting, and just over all violence needs to stop. Don’t end lives because of how you feel, it’s not worth it. We all need to come together and become one. We had multiple things that made us backtrack, and yet we are still making these decisions that are making us backtrack even more.