What $40 can get you at Goodwill

This snow week has reminded me too much of quarantine. It’s about that time of year again where we were all stuck inside just like this. I haven’t gotten much done or done any homework, but I have made a trip to goodwill. 

If you know me you know that I love Goodwill. It’s my safe place, my hobby, the one thing I always wish I was doing. On our snow, Thursday, I made the journey to Goodwill. To my luck, the roads were mostly clear, and Goodwill was open. Every time I walk into that glorious store it is this crucial moment for me to decide where to look first. I decided to look in the tank tops because I am so over the cold and so ready for summer. I carefully looked through each row and found many tank tops. It’s this crazy incredible feeling to see a shirt that is perfect and think no price can turn me away in here. 

I continued on through the store, looked at shoes, sweaters, shorts, coats, dresses, and kept finding things I had to have. I typically find quite a few things every time I go but this time I hit the jackpot. I’ve never spent over $20 in Goodwill because usually about half of the things I find don’t fit or look good on me. However, everything looked good on me, so I bought it all. 

Moral of the story: I spent $40 at Goodwill and it was worth it. I got a pair of super nice cowboy boots, my summer wardrobe, and unnecessary accessories. That was the highlight of this slow week, and I recommend to everyone to make their way to Goodwill and have just as much fun as I do.