Snow days become snowy virtual learning days

Snow days will never be the same again. Since most students could remember, snow days were one of the best, most exciting days of the year. They wake up to their parents coming into the room saying that they can go back to sleep, because the news said that schools were closed. Though, most of us, including me, couldn’t sleep, for they were full of excitement.

This past school year, though, with COVID-19, teachers and students had to learn how to do virtual schooling. This ended up not just affecting quarantine, but also snow days. Now, when students wake up to a fresh blanket of snow, they have to open their computer, sign on to the virtual class, and do work all day. Though, this is beneficial for not adding on days to the end of the year, it takes out the childhood magic of it. No more snowball fights? What about sledding and making a snowman? Though, we may be able to squeeze in the time to do that, we can’t do it without stressing out about an assignment due by the end of the day.

Though we did have an official “snow day” on Wednesday, February 17th, that was only because a lot of people were out of power and didn’t have wifi. However, it was relieving to have a break in the middle of the week. I believe, that if we go on with doing this, which we most likely will, schools should have at least one official snow day where students don’t have to worry about fitting their school schedule into their “once a year snow” schedule. Snowing, especially in Arkansas, is very rare and comes, at most, once a year. This is an even greater reason why students should be able to embrace this rare occasion.