Connor’s Corner: Let me be me

Let me be me. I touched up on this in my last column but I thought I should go farther into it. Through my entire life I have been shadowed by my brother and even sometimes my mother. That is why I think I am the way I am. I try to make people know me not, know me from my last name. I just hate being referred to as Lawsons brother because thats not my identity, I am Connor Jenkins. I am my own person and I feel like people should know that. I think the reason I am so social and so outgoing is because I am overcompensating for the fact that I want to escape the shadow. I can’t wait for the one day when my brother is referred to as my brother instead of me being his brother. Now don’t get me wrong I love my brother but I hate the comparison. I don’t think I’ll ever escape from him on the basketball court. Coach always saying you know his brother did thisa and his brother did that, what about what I did let me be me on the basketball court because I can assure you that I am a very different player and person than my brother. I thank God for my family and, no doubt, I would never wish my brother to be gone but at the same time I just wish I could have the opportunity to be my own person and have no shadow to compensate for. Life is life, though we have to take what we are given and run with it. I think I have made an impact on peoples lives. I think I will always continue to do that because I am me and I would never want to change that to fit the views of others. So the next time when someone calls me Lawsons brother I will just say sure and I’ll make sure that they know who I am because all I want is for people to let me be me.