Top Valentine’s gift ideas for your significant other

Artwork by Faith Ortega

Picking out Valentine’s gifts for your S/O or friends is typically a cause of stress for many. With this gift guide, there is no way there won’t be an option for everyone. Whether you are looking to save money or looking for that unforgettable surprise, we’ve got you covered with the top five best Valentine’s day gifts from Etsy.

Coming in fifth place we have one of the quirkiest gifts, the heart-shaped chocolate crystal box. A good gift for anyone who loves playing with energies or just likes collecting crystals, which has been a popular trend on Tik-Tok as of recently. This gift is only around $15, a great alternative to the basic heart-shaped box of chocolates everyone and their mama is getting instead.


In forth place, we have a cute little reversible octopus who goes from smiling to sad. This little octopus is only $12 . It’s great for anyone who loves collecting plushies or has a hard time opening up about their emotions. I personally got one of these for Christmas, and it’s just a really cute little gift that I know anyone could enjoy.

In third place, we have a personalized map of the stars. You chose the night and location you want to be presented on the map then choose the description behind it. For example, you could choose the night you all became friends or gf/bf. The price varies depending on size, but it can be as cheap as $17.15.

Coming in second we have a personal favorite, which is a photo key chain. I feel like this gift is very unisex and simple. This is the perfect little reminder of your best friend of S/O that they will take with them anywhere. At the low price of $16 this one of a kind photo keychain can be yours.

The top gift for Valentine’s Day references back to Tik-Tok, this particular item has been quite the rage, making it the number one gift to buy for your honey on Valentine’s this year. Lego heart necklaces and keychains. One person will have one half of the heart, one person will have the other, and when you all choose to, you can connect the two pieces to make a lego heart. This gift is perfect for any silly fun couples or friends that love the playful side of a relationship.