2020 viewed as neutral

It will take me a very long time to get over 2020. It started so well for me. I was so excited to start the year. Who could’ve guessed that everything would change so instantly? Looking back on 2020 now, I see a girl who was struggling for a long time to find the good, and little did I know there was so much more than met the eye. 

While school was out and the world was shut down, I got to spend some of the best time with my family and siblings that don’t live with me anymore. I’ve never watched so many movies, and I haven’t spent that much time in my house since I was a baby. I got to feel like a young kid again, playing dress-up every day with nowhere to go, spending time with my siblings, crying a lot, and just getting to eat with my family every night without needing to rush.

It’s funny because as most people never want to relive 2020, I feel pretty neutral. From a world perspective 2020 was a devastating year, which it was, but from my perspective in Springdale, Arkansas this year allowed me to slow down and appreciate just people in general. 

I will say that something I never want to experience again is being 6ft away from everyone. It’s still a reality now, but then it felt so bizarre. I miss smiling at people with my teeth and not my eyes. I deeply miss hugging people with my arms and not the air, and I just miss people in general. 

What a crazy time in history to exist and survive. 2020 proved that the world is broken, but through seeing all of the faults of our country, and world, we are able to change and grow. I have hope for 2021 because I had hope in 2020.