Connor’s Corner: Life can be tough

Life is just tough. It’s so hard to keep up with the daily struggles of life, school, and juggling all the things that happen. From getting behind on schoolwork to just feeling defeated on the basketball court school can be really hard. The funny thing is I love school, it’s my happy place. It’s a place that brings so much joy, so much misery, and sorrow. That’s so hard to understand how that works but you know the saying God works in mysterious ways. I have to believe that because God definitely worked in some weird ways in my life. I feel that school should be a safe place a place where teachers are supportive and you get to see your friends. But sometimes it’s the exact opposite where your friends aren’t your friends and your favorite teachers aren’t your favorite teachers. Just when you think you can trust someone, they just betray you. It’s really tough to deal with the reality of that. The reality of what school should be is very hard to achieve school should be a place where you come and learn and relax. Most of the time it’s not though. School should be that place where you feel smart and appreciated and it’s not because of so many reasons. I know a lot of people don’t like school but I used to love school, now I’m not so sure. It has become a place of anxiety and stress, not a place where I feel confident and appreciated. I especially don’t feel appreciated on the basketball court. I am always being compared to my older brother, always picked on because of my mom being a coach just let me be me. I am Connor Jenkins, not Lawson Jenkins or Kimberly Jenkins. Let me be me and let them be them. School should be that place where you are appreciated for being yourself and I don’t feel that it is anymore and I really hate that.