Walmart clothes make an appearance in 2020 fashion trends

Up until my senior year, I always made an effort to dress up, or at least look presentable. That is until the brutal thorns of senior year became a disruption in my high school resolution. Suddenly my appearance is the least of my worries, second to late nights of college applications and scholarship applications. After getting three hours of sleep, comfort trumps appearance. Since the beginning of senior year, I have thrived off of Walmart sweatpants and sweatshirts. 

For years, Walmart clothes have been stuck under the upturned noses of stubborn designer brand customers. No one gloats about their Walmart hoodie like they would a Gucci hoodie. However, the quality of the clothing options at Walmart has drastically increased in my opinion. 

The idea of oversized hoodies has boomed in pop culture thanks to teen celebrities such as Addison Rae. The new style is “cute comfort.” Hoodies are being tie-dyed, worn as dresses, cropped, and even bleached. Basically, to look trendy, all you need is a hoodie and Walmart is the place to get the softest, cheapest hoodies. 

Walmart has not only made hoodies the center of attention in their clothing section but also their sweatpants and jackets. I have bought several jackets from Walmart and the material makes these zip-ups a diamond in the rough. They come in various colors such as dark green, grey, black, and white. Sweatpants have also made their share of appearances on various celebrities and once again, Walmart is the place to find them. The material inside is not your usual material. It’s like wearing a cloud as pants. This makes the sweatpants not only cute but comfy. 

Overall Walmart is the place to find all your sweat pants, hoodie, and zip-up needs. Don’t waste your money on expensive “brand” articles. Walmart clothes are 100% the underdogs in 2020 fashion. 



Photo by Connor Jenkins