Wasted time on game in advisory

I step into advisory with at least 20 assignments due by the end of the week, barely walking on three hours of sleep, and on the brink of tears, just to behold, once again, a Pear Deck code on the screen. I glare at the board, slouch down in my seat, open my Chromebook, put in the code just to waste 45 minutes of precious time that could be spent doing all the homework that my teachers claim I have plenty of time for.

Just like teachers have a free period to plan and grade, students should be able to use the time in advisory to work on their endless schoolwork. Teachers take weeks to grade things but expect us to be done with an assignment in a few days. They use the argument that they have multiple students to grade for, but we have multiple teachers to do homework for. Along with this, most students have a job and are involved in extracurricular activities. I’m sure I speak for most students when I say that we are just as busy as teachers.

I understand that sometimes we do need to obtain necessary information from the school through advisory. This doesn’t mean we have to watch a music video, though, or talk about drivers getting angry at each other. I am not at all saying that emotions aren’t validated. All I’m saying is that students would be a lot less stressed if we were given those small 45 minutes of advisory to work on more than answering a question about a video. People underestimate how much you can do in that pocket of time.