Students trumps on COVID-19 suspicions

On Friday, October 2, President Donald Trump was diagnosed with COVID-19. With disasters seemingly starting each month this year, it’s only fitting for this inevitable altercation to occur. Some consistent arguments have come up with this situation, namely the publicity, controversy, and hypocrisy of it.

Less than 24 hours after President Trump was diagnosed, he was admitted to urgent care. The entire ordeal, specifically with Trump, seemed to happen all too quickly. This sprung many conspiracies about the real truth behind his speedy recovery. Many on social media, notably Twitter, speculated what this united calamity would result in. Specifically for Americans. Majorities pondered how it would affect the angry waves in the current political climate.

A hefty handful of debates about the topic stemmed from handling morality. The concept of karma and vengeance can certainly apply here, as theatrical as it sounds. “Wishing death upon someone in any circumstance is wrong,” Unless if it’s to the administration who have looked away from tragedy in the impoverished parts of America. Consider the numerous people that have vengeful wishes for these federal hypocrisies.

The danger, as stated, is not only about the consistent negative influence for his fans and followers to avoid masks. It’s also about the events he attended in the time before he was diagnosed. He not only attended the debate on Wednesday, September 30, but a handful of events and rallies after that. Hopping between states to appear in front of hundreds. This endangered many, especially those that chose not to wear masks.

Trekking back to Trump’s urgent health decline, he was flown to a hospital shortly after announcing how well he was. He was injected with experimental and possibly controversial drugs. The medicine that Trump was given certainly isn’t available to the public, which raised the argument of fairness. Many pointed out the duplicity of this. Many mentioned that he seemed to surpass the virus only because of his wealth.

Trump getting COVID-19 was a result of his pretense about the virus. It’s undeniable that this case will go down in history, especially being so close to an election. Every event from now forward could affect the election, which greatly affects this nation and all the people in it.