Brings light to body-positivity


When I see someone on social media shame mass amounts of people for their weight, it gets my blood boiling, and I can’t just look the other way. No one has the right to tell someone that just because of their weight nobody will love them.

I’ve seen it said on TikTok, Instagram, real life, and in my own life.

Weight shaming is a serious problem, and it needs to be dealt with. According to the NEDA website, up to 40% of overweight girls and 37% of overweight boys are bullied over their weight. I am a part of the 40% of girls that get bullied over their weight.

All my life I have been told that no one was going to love me if I was overweight, that a bigger body wasn’t appealing to others. It hurts to be told that, and part of me still believes it.

The weight shaming that I have endured over the years has caused me to do things that I now regret, and it has caused me to develop severe depression and anxiety. 

Body shaming has left a cut in my confidence that is healing and has been for over seven years. I’ve been trying to list good things about myself to help me with my confidence.

I am happy to say that doing that has helped me gained some of my lost confidence back; however, I still have a while to go before I get to where I need to be. 

Now that I am 17, I feel happier with how my body looks, and it took a group of amazing friends to get me to this point. They kept pushing me into the idea that I was beautiful and I was worth something, and they wouldn’t let me talk bad about my body or shame myself.

Now that I know that my weight isn’t my worth, I really want to help other people realize the same thing. No matter what you weigh or what you wear, you are beautiful and no one has the right to tell you otherwise.