Stress does not feel like a priority at school

“I have asked teachers to be thoughtful about the number of assignments that are given to students between now and when we return to school. We do not want students to be stressed and overwhelmed” principal Dr. Paul Girep states in an email dated April 7, 2020.

That was great for me and other students, but why this concern about overwhelming students not a priority before COVID-19?

Throughout my educational career, I have learned how to manage my stress for the most part. There are always days and weeks where I feel the extra pressure in school. Fewer assignments would lower my stress levels.

During the pandemic, I never felt extremely stressed. However, I feel more stressed now that school has started again. The teachers are stressed with trying to keep all the blended and full time students straight. They seem like they are just trying to make it through the day.

The feeling of being at school is not the same as before. Everyone feels tense, and fewer people talk in class. It is a difficult feeling to explain.

Admittedly though, teachers have been giving fewer assignments. Most teachers don’t consider the work load of other classes, just their class. Tests always fall on the same day. I have often had three tests on the same day.

I just want teachers to understand that we have other things going on in life. A global pandemic should not have made them think of that.