Time well-spent at home during AMI

With the announcement that school would be switching to AMI days the week before spring break, I became extremely excited. The idea of staying home and doing work online was my dream come true.

During AMI days I no longer have to wake up at seven in the morning. I now wake up at nine, and I usually don’t get out of bed until ten. The coursework that we are now given is able to get done much faster. 

Comparing these days to the past, I have realized just how much time is wasted while at school. I am able to finish almost all of my classwork and then some within the span of three or four hours. There is no hassle of going at the pace of others, and there are no restrictions on collaborating with others.

Along with this, there has been news of what is to happen for AP testing. The CollegeBoard has decided on an at-home test. In addition, they will have two national test dates for the exams instead of one. We now have an option of when we want to take them. 

I’m very curious as to how this will be completed, and I am now looking forward to taking my exams.

I have very much enjoyed the first week of AMI days, but when I heard the news that we would not be attending classes for another three weeks after spring break, my heart became heavy. The idea of having to socially distance for five weeks made me quite sad. 

I already miss being with my friends, and school was the one place you could count on to be able to do that. I do understand that this must be done to prevent the spread of COVID-19. I just wish it hadn’t happened in such a prominent year in our lives.