Why Homework

         The real question everyone asks has always been why do we have to do work at home when we have all day at school. Teachers shouldn’t have to give us work to take home when they have a whole class period to get everything they need done. 

Studying at home is a different ball game. A class is moving too fast if the student has homework every night. Students go home wanting time to relax or just go out and do something and have an actual life outside of school. Putting so much stress on one person is what leads to them just accepting their failure and them wanting to leave school even more everyday. Senioritis is a real thing, as much as teachers want to say it isn’t real. I know it’s real because I want to just hit the cruise control and just ride out the rest of the year. The only thing keeping me from doing that is my morals. I would feel extremely guilty if I worked so hard to only throw it away at the last minute. 

Teachers have now even taken it so far by making their homework online and just put someone else’s notes on their google classroom. Teachers tell us all the time not to cheat by using someone else’s work for our own, but isn’t this exactly what they’re doing. Self-taught classes are never a bad idea.One example of a teacher doing this is Mr.McMullen, he offers time before and after school to come in and receive help, and he leaves his email open until nine everynight. 

Giving students homework doesn’t truly help them unless it is actually beneficial. Giving busy work during class that has to be taken home is utterly idiotic. Student-athletes struggle with finding time to complete their work, especially when they miss parts of their classes for travel-time and games. Some teachers work well with these athletes, however some teachers don’t give any leeway on their assignments. 

In order for students to want to finish their work, just like anyone else, they must be pushed and have some goal. A grade should not be the driving factor in the school experience, it should be the fact that students want to learn and better themselves. A grade is not what describes a student, it should be their character and the type of person that a student is overall.