Tips for Valentine’s Day from a male’s perspective

The day of love has finally made its way back around to our doorstep. The biggest mystery of the day is the boy’s mind. Guys focus so much on getting the girls gifts, the boy’s opinion is often overlooked. Guys are a species that don’t really care about gifts, but prefer just spending time with their

special someone. Guys are big babies on the inside and the one reading saying he isn’t; he is lying to himself.

You girls are very hard to read, by saying that I mean that guys can’t read your mind. As much as we like to think we have it figured out, we really have no idea. Spending time with someone is the only way to get to know them and that’s why guys want all the time they can get with you.

Time is a treasure because us guys can learn more about you giving us a better chance at figuring out what triggers you and what is ok to say. The girls can always get a guy a gift, I’m not saying that we don’t like gifts. I’m really trying to say that whatever you get a guy, it’s gonna mean so much to them. It’s not the physical gift that is what makes it special, it’s the fact that it came from you.

So, girls don’t worry about getting a really expensive gift. Actually, don’t worry about a gift at all. Just make time for your guy and spend a good day with them. If a guy gets bored of you or gets tired of having you around, they don’t really like you enough. A guy doesn’t always like going out and doing something, some guys prefer to just stay in and watch movies or just hangout.

Long story short, keep it simple because it’s just another day with you and that’s all that matters.