DEBATE: when is too early for Christmas?

Against early


Every year Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier. It seems that there are Christmas trees and displays in the store as soon as October rolls around, a good three months before the holiday. I’m no scrooge with a vendetta against Christmas, I just enjoy the other holidays that fall near the end of the year.

I feel that Thanksgiving is overshadowed by the anticipation for the Christmas season. I personally love Thanksgiving and think that the holiday is forgotten in the rush for Christmas.

To me Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity to spend time with family and just enjoy the holiday season without the stress of Christmas.

People insist on combining the three holidays into one, allowing Christmas to completely engulf Thanksgiving and infringe upon Halloween as well. In our capitalist society corporations are focused on making the most money possible and every year we continue to fall more and more into this scheme.

It seems like now that Christmas trees are appearing in stores long before skeletons or turkeys since it is the most profitable holiday, companies are quick to force it down our throats. We are quick to accept this with Black Friday and Cyber Monday which traditionally has been fine and in its own time, is now encroaching onto Thanksgiving day itself. With Black Friday sales starting on Thursday afternoon families no longer spend quality time together on Thanksgiving. What used to be an equally celebrated holiday is now seemingly crammed into a few short hours or almost ignored completely.

We have fallen victim to this corporate mentality, we rush at the chance to buy a cheap TV or the latest Iphone at a discounted price.

We no longer value the sanctity of this holiday and the meaning behind it, to come together and enjoy the company of loved ones.

Christmas in itself is not the problem here; I thoroughly enjoy the holiday and the festivities it brings, but it just needs to stay in its own month and time after the Thanksgiving season has passed.

For early Christmas


have enough self-control to wait until Nov. 1st to start celebrating Christmas. Christmas is the best time of year. I know that’s a cliche but it brings so much excitement and happiness.

My favorite thing about Christmas is putting up decorations. I’ve always been into interior design. My family and I have always put Christmas up early and together. When we take our Halloween decorations, Christmas comes out and up.

I know you’re probably thinking what about Thanksgiving decorations? Most people think of Thanksgiving colors as orange and brown but orange is Halloween and brown is an ugly color.

There are few companies that actually make Thanksgiving decorations. So if you think about it, there are no decorations.

I’m not forgetting about Thanksgiving, I just eat dinner by a Christmas tree.

Also this way I get to enjoy the decorations longer and putting up Christmas takes at least a whole day.

So if I wait until after Thanksgiving I won’t get to enjoy the tree and decorations as long. It also makes spending a day putting up decorations worth it.

Also my family puts decorations in different places each year. So to find the new additions we need to find the best decorations before they are gone.

I also enjoy being the first house in our neighborhood to have our Christmas lights up.

It encourages others to put theirs up sooner. My favorite is our 12 foot blow up Santa.

If you wait until after Thanksgiving, then it will be too cold to put the lights on the house up. Especially this year because Thanksgiving was so late.

There are not as much lights up this year because it wasn’t warm enough for people to get outside and put them up.

Another thing I love about Christmas is the spirit of other people. Around this time of year everyone is in a better mood, and they tend to judge people less.

People also want to give more. By starting Christmas sooner, everyone is in a better mood.

Christmas music makes me so happy. The music is happy and joyful. I would rather listen to music longer than 25 days.

It’s just not enough time. It’s not fun to listen to Christmas music after.

Overall I think Christmas spirit makes people happier. That’s why I celebrate Christmas in November.