Students should have a say in district policy making

At the beginning of the school year, I received my schedule and saw that my lunch had been cut short from the previous 45 minutes. At this I was upset and confused, and I know I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I think I speak for the majority when I say everyone loved their long lunch breaks, so why would anyone take that away?

The less than enthusiastic feelings that came out of this situation are not a stand alone event. Often times it feels like decisions are being made for us students, and yet, we are the last one to find out about them and may never receive an explanation as to why those choices were made, let alone get a say in the matter. This brings me to my point: that students should have a more active role in policy making for the district.

The school board is the main decision maker for the district, and although meetings are open for the public, the majority of students are uneducated on district policies and current local issues. This should not be. As a student body, we have been raised on the American ideals of “representation” and “letting our voice be heard.”

This idea is not nullified by our inability to vote. In fact, if the student population had a greater ability to participate in local matters, would that not increase the likelihood of our participation in elections and other civic duties come 18?

I will acknowledge that not all students will pursue the opportunity to be involved in local policy, but I believe that students should have easier and well publicized means in which to gain access to this information if they so choose.

I do not want to disparage or discredit the school board, as I assume they are driven by their desire to help students succeed, but that is just the issue: I do not know those who are representing us.

I propose that we employ student council, a student elected body, to act as liaisons for the school. Allow them to voice student opinion and be knowledgeable on not only the decisions being made, but the purpose behind them. This would help everyone feel more connected to what is happening beyond our school. What is more impotant? Increase the value students place on their education, as they would feel an increased sense of responsibility and ownership of their learning.

As a student, I want to be informed and represented; and I feel, as the board’s constituant, this is a reasonable request.