China rounds up Muslim minority groups

Uighurs a Muslim minority group, are being rounded up and placed in internment camps or what the Chinese call “thought transformation camps. Reminisent of Nazi Germany, these places are not what the Chinese claim them to be. Within these facilities, Uighurs are expected to deny their religious beliefs and profess complete loyalty to the Chinese government.

With the number of internees amounting to over one million, the Chinese intend to stamp out any reminisce of Uighurs culture, language, and way of life. Not long ago, China completely denied the existence of such camps, but with evidence against their claims growing, China has changed their story. Now they say that they have indeed been building camps, but that they have been embraced by the people and been good for society. China continues to insist that they are merely preventing the spread of terrorist thought.

However, this claim is found to be less and less viable as more evidence has surfaced revealing the true nature of these camps. Satellite imagery shows a network of these facilities; most surrounded by tall, barbed wire fences and watch towers. Just this past summer China allowed U.S. journalists an exclusive look into a camp, which displayed people dancing, making art, and reciting Chinese laws. As inviting as the Chinese are attempting to make it appear, these are more than likely show camps, meticulously constructed for the public eye.

China is trying to divert attention from the abuse, torture, and brainwashing that goes on within internment camps. For instance, there have been many accounts given by muslim women that they are being sterilised. Another account given revealed that Muslims were forced to uproot their faith as they were not allowed to pray or grow beards and had to eat pork, a practice forbidden by Islamic law. More upsetting is an interview with Mihrigul Tursun who told Independent journalists that while she was being tortured, she “begged them to kill me.” There are many, many more accounts similar to these, but China is not backing down on their stance. The world seems to be watching and waiting with the future of Uighurs yet to be known.