DEBATE: Springdale declared pro-life


Springdale, Arkansas has become the first ever city in the state of Arkansas to be declared as pro-life.

The resolution by the city council basically states that Springdale wants to value human life at every stage and hold any individual’s right to life at the highest value. Now this resolution holds no order, meaning it doesn’t change or restrict access or rights. It does not change any laws. Though this might be the case, I still believe it sends the wrong message.

I get that they want to make a stand and promote human life. “Its not just anti abortion, it’s promoting the vaule of life and wanting to bring everyone together. It’s not meant to be divisive in anyway, it’s just meant to bring out the truth of every human person,” voter Sheila Pursell said.

The ending of this statement is an example of what I mean when I say it sends the wrong message. When making a statement like this, you have to think of how others might feel.

Those who want to have an abortion now probably feel like they have to hide and be secretive because they don’t want to be judged. She clearly stated that this resolution is meant to bring out the truth of every human.

Now how do you think that statement would be taken? It makes it seem like someone getting an abortion is like bringing out someone’s horrible dirty laundry that’s been a secret for years when in all reality they just want what’s best for them. With that said, I see the angle they’re pitching here, but I’m just not catching it. I feel that this doesn’t and will not bring a city together. It just creates a spot for division.

It holds no legal value, so businesses like Planned Parenthood can still come and set up shop here. At the end of the day it doesn’t change much, and I believe that doing this would save one baby, then yes this was a wonderful step but I don’t. I think this will just be another factor to divide the city.

They should have done this in another way that would impact in a better way. Being ‘pro-life’ isn’t the problem here, it’s the way the message was presented and how it’s going to affect the people of this city.


A 23-year-old from New Jersey found out she was pregnant. Six days later, the woman decided to surgically abort the baby. Approximately eleven hours later she wrote an article on describing her experience.

“Eleven hours ago I was there, in the chair, going through the most traumatizing experience of my life.”

Before the operation, the doctor asked her if she would like to see the baby. She agreed.

“The image of my child, that I killed, was on that screen. I was eight weeks and three days,” the 23-year old states.

The reality hit her hard. As she continues her story, she consistently stresses her regret. It only took 11 hours for this regret to hit her. The abortion took 10 minutes. She still suffers from a lifetime of regret and sorrow because of those traumatizing 10 minutes. The operation is 10 minutes of excruciating physical pain and a lifetime of emotional pain.

An estimated 125,000 babies lose their lives as a result of abortion every day, according to In Arkansas alone, about 3,069 babies are murdered a day. This number is absolutely sickening.

Abortion is gradually becoming as normal and common as getting a wart removed.

Abortion is not normal. The idea of abortion encompasses overwhelming dehumanization. The process is absolutely barbaric, but it is constantly viewed and performed as any other surgery. A baby is not an organ that can be removed once it becomes an “inconvenience” or “disruption”. A baby is a human that has a whole life ahead of him or her. Everytime a baby loses his or her life, our world loses a future doctor, firefighter, teacher, etc..

Well-known entrepreneur Steve Jobs was almost aborted. Had Jobs’ mom followed through, Apple would be nonexistent and our world would not be how we know it now.

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