New lunch schedule means less time to eat

Split lunch periods could possibly lead to lost class time.

Lunches will be shorter next. The school is working on a new lunch schedule for the next school year. Right now everyone has a whole class period for lunch.

The plan for next year’s lunches is to still have three but only 30 minutes long. The first lunch will go to lunch before fourth period. The second lunch will go to the first half fourth period, then to lunch and back to fourth for the last half of it. The third and last lunch will be after fourth.

I’m not a fan of this. I enjoy having a whole class period for lunch. I don’t have to rush to eat and have longer to talk with my friends. At first, I thought lunches were too long and if the were going to be 45 minutes longer then we should have open campus yet I ended liking it.

If I had the second lunch next year, I don’t think that class would be affected to do lunch that way. After coming back from lunch, I would need to refocus and that could take ten minutes. The class would also have to stop twice to give students time to gather their stuff. The class and teacher would lose a lot of time out of class.

Also having shorter lunches and no time in between them might not give the cafeteria workers enough time to prepare the food. This could cause the lines to take longer giving students less time to eat.

There is no need to change the lunch schedule when it works great now. Overall the lunches would not be long enough for me. The second lunch would also lose a lot of class time.