It’s never too early for Christmas

Everyone loves the feeling of Christmas

Christmas is a day where family reunites, lights shine bright, and the most stunning trees stand high. The season of good tiding and cheers, valuing your time with your family and friends and cherishing moments with the ones you love.  

Hot cocoa is passed around, laughter is heard and little footsteps stamp everywhere around the house. Hearing laughter surrounds you, seeing lights shining in classes or in our rooms to make it look pretty or helps us see that the holiday season has arrived.

Christmas is really always with you no matter the day or month. Hanging out with friends on the weekend and during school, going home with family and sharing memories and laughters. Netflix having Christmas movies and popcorn or hot cocoa packets waiting in the cabinets in your kitchen.

It is never too early to have your tree up because it always gets you in the Christmassy mood. Not only that, but decorating the tree and the house makes you smile and start getting more excited for Christmas coming. The feeling of warmth around you, and the laughter being heard and smiles being big and wide across faces and the feeling of it.

Christmas has people giving presents to our loved ones, but we do it almost all big life events as well. We give money for those in need and we help one another around us everywhere.

The feeling of joy and excitement when you help someone else outside of the world you know is the greatest feeling. Hearing people say thank you means so much because it lets you know that you are doing something good.

Decorating for Christmas is never too early. Everyone loves the feeling of Christmas, so it doesn’t matter if they put the tree and lights up because all that matters is that it makes everyone happy and excited.  

Enjoy life while you can and enjoy it with the people you love and cherish the most and cherish it.