Love Yourself

No love is more important than yours

Chase Strickland, Sports Editor

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many individuals find themselves facing the same dilemma. Many people find themselves single around this time of the year. To some it’s no big deal, however, to others it creates this feeling of loneliness. A feeling of neglect, desertion, or possibly even rejection. And for those few that do feel that way it can take a toll on their personality or their body in general. For those few and for everyone in general I have a message for you. Take this February 14th as a chance to love yourself. And yea I know to some that may sound rather sad but hear me out. My Mom is a life coach, pastor, amd advocate for Women’s Rights. My Mom is possibly one of the most influential people that I have met or will ever meet, and she’s always preached an important lesson over my seventeen almost eighteen years of life. Self-Love is possibly one of the most important things in one’s life. I’m not saying that finding love from others is bad, I’m saying that you can live a very full life if you can come to a point where you love yourself enough to sustain yourself and not go searching for your worth in another person. Love is a very strong feeling and it’s something that should be taken seriously. If you know who you are and come to peace and love yourself then the opportunities are almost endless! Self-Love allows you to appreciate and embrace your qualities while working on and bettering the ones you’re not so confident in without putting yourself down. It allows you to walk around head high and way more confident as knowing that someone loves you is a strong powerful thing. Even if that loves comes from within. While having a boyfriend or girlfriend or significant other is appealing don’t forget that the best thing that you can do this Valentine’s Day and every other day of your life is to love yourself.