SLC Opinion

Kirsi Grafton, Reporter

Opinion on Student led conferences

Student Led Conferences, or SLCs, are a conference at the end of a quarter providing a way for the student to share what they have accomplished and what they hope to accomplish this school year and in years to come. In preparation for the conference, each student has been making a slideshow presentation in their advisory classes to present their grades, academic standings, and their goals for the future. The slides consist of varying topics from GPA to career planning to MAP scores. At the SLC, the students are responsible for presenting and explaining each slide to their parent or parents who attend the conference with them. This is unlike conferences in previous years where the student may or may not be in attendance to the meeting. It is now vital that the student attends and is prepared to present their presentation. Students completely lead the conference with their parents while their advisor is simply in charge of administering and observing. SLCs were adapted by Har-Ber to help make each student become more aware of their academic standings and help them own their personal development, as well as set and achieve goals to help them leave high school feeling prepared for the future. These conferences are also encouraging students to become more involved in planning for the future, regardless of if that is through looking at college options or trying to get a job right out of high school. The preparation for the SLCs seem to not only be equipping student for success, but giving them a solid and easy plan to follow through for the future. Each student will have an SLC each quarter to keep accountability for their goals and to make sure they are on the right track for success.