‘Lone Survivor’ unexpectedly touches hearts

Although it is obvious that there is only one survivor when you read the title, you still go watch the heart wrenching film about a military division on “operation Red Wings.”

The four-man SEAL team is sent to capture or kill a Taliban leader.

This movie is rated R, and rightfully so.

The language is strong throughout the whole movie, not just one part.

It is what you would expect with any war movie, a harsh battle with language popping up. Bloody encounters are shown in the movie as bullets are flying and hitting bodies.

Certain scenes are pretty graphic  during the fighting.

The movie has been compared to the 1998 “Saving Private Ryan,” and not rightfully so.

The better comparison is to the newer 2012 film, “Act of Valor.” These are the two newer movies about a unit and a mission.

Lone Survivor was the better movie of the two, this being that there were actual actors playing the characters.

There is more involvement within the movie as well. As the men are jumping off cliffs to get away all you hear in the theater are gasps.

You fall in love with the characters and you want all to get out alive.

The respect given to the warriors was amazing in the film. At the beginning of the film the training that was needed to become in this position was shown.

This was some of the hardest workout and exercises out there.

Shown in the video warriors were shown knocked out and unconscious. At the end of the film pictures were shown of the lone survivor and those that died on that mountain.

Touching pictures that tug on the heartstrings after seeing the mission that they died on.

Overall, this is my second favorite war movie of all-time.

The story line is great, the effects were all right, the acting was phenomenal, and the fact that it was all based on a true story makes it even better.

If you are into war and action movies you need to go see this movie before it leaves theaters.