‘Her’ breaks the boundaries of love

In a not-to-far-away future, Theodore Twombly (played by Joaquin Phoenix), a passionate man who works as a writer, writes beautiful, personal letters for those who can’t find the words or care enough to do so.

This barely sci-fi film illustrates a deep and impactful love found between a man and his OS (Operating System).

While you find yourself falling for the OS (“Samantha,” played by Scarlett Johansson), and her endearing, naive “personality”, you also feel guilt that in this predicted future, we have an inability to care for anyone other than ourselves.

Recently divorced and melancholy, Twombly is in a very vulnerable state and cannot help fall for the attentive and kind OS that is unlike any other.

The film could have not materialized without the brilliant acting.

The emotions brought about by the characters were perfectly executed by the authenticity of the cast.

She’s no robot, she learns, grows, and develops into the woman of Twombly’s dreams.

As most modern indie movies, the shots taken take many inventive liberties that make the movie not just interesting, but aesthetically appealing. Additionally, the fashion featured in the film delights as the vintage flair contrasts beautifully with the highly evolved nature of the society.

The plot line was truly unexpected and always kept me interested and on my toes.

It is refreshing to not have an idea of where this story will take you, but sticking along for the beautiful ride.

While the ending was a shock, it left the viewer with a deep-bellied satisfaction that refused to let up for the duration of the night and made you really think, the way a great book haunts you for days.